Medicare? Should I Care?

At The Valhalla Group, we specialize in retirement income planning. This also means planning for the major costs in retirement. As of right now, healthcare is the second-highest expense people face while retired, so it makes sense why we would want to include Medicare in the plans we create for our clients.

When to take Medicare

Medicare is fraught with complexities. Like our US tax brackets, Medicare has its own structure that is used to calculate how much premium one will pay in retirement. This applies to Medicare Part B and is called "The Medicare Tier System" Depending on which tier one falls in determines the Medicare Part B premium they will pay. With enough notice and time to plan, we can decrease which tier you will fall into.

How Do We Do It?

As retirement income specialist we know and are trained in the various types of income which negatively impacts the Medicare Tiers. Conversely, we also know the seven types of income one can have in retirement which does not affect the Medicare Tier System at all.

Here is the link for the 2021 Medicare Tiers

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