Social Security Planning

Making Social Security Part of Your Retirement Plan

With currently about 567 ways to file for social security, it's easy to see why most financial professionals avoid this topic altogether. For most, social security will be one of the three largest checks they'll receive in retirement. Why not maximize this income and try to protect it from taxes and other withholdings?

We run a 26-page social security maximization report, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of social security, as well as file for any additional benefits you may be eligible for.

This is a free service we offer to our clients.

Why Get The Social Security Report?

With the Social Security Maximization Report in hand, we are prepared with a floor to build your retirement income plan upon. Also, once maximized, we'll look to see if the Social Security income falls into the Social Security Provisional tax brackets. If this is the case, we can strategize with tax professionals on how to decrease, and in some cases, eliminate all taxation on your Social Security benefits.

Some Factors to Consider

According to Market Watch, back in 2013, there was already about 10 Billion in unclaimed Social Security Benefits. Now it's even higher. Much of these are ancillary benefits, above and beyond the Primary benefit or PIA. We absolutely want to make sure you are filing for any additional benefit(s) you may be eligible for. If there are any, the Social Security Maximization report will catch it.

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