Retirement Income Planning

Ensuring Steady Income Streams After Retirement

One of the most prevalent retirement concerns is the idea that people are going to run out of money. We’re here to ensure that you have a sustainable and reliable source of income so you’ll never have to worry about becoming bankrupt post-retirement.

Why Have a Retirement Income Plan?

A complete retirement income plan will not only provide various sources of income but also provide various methods of taxation so that the income can thrive regardless of the tax climate. The Retirement Income Plan should also address social security, medicare, required minimum distributions, long-term care as well as the estate and transfer of wealth.

Is It Time For a Roth Conversion?

Currently, we are at historic tax lows. This provides many with a great opportunity to get taxes out of the way through a Roth Conversion. If taxes are going up, it's going to affect the retirement income plan on many levels. We can tell pretty quickly if a conversion is appropriate for you.

Working with your tax professional is part of our process, as well as providing one if there isn't.

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