Investment Management

Helping You Through the Phases of Accumulation

Phase 1. (Ages 30-55) In this phase of accumulation there is usually a lot of uncertainty since many invest more aggressively here. This is where consistency can make the difference. Such as investing in index funds while using the dollar-cost-average approach while maintaining tax diversity.

Phase 2. (Ages 55-70) As you draw closer to retirement in this phase, a 2008 market can have drastic consequences and set you back years. Here we may want to dial back the risk while being ever more conscientious of fees. Our goal may be conservative to moderate growth while eradicating inefficiencies, preparing your transition into your Retirement Income Plan.

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Increasing Returns

For those who have well-placed assets, only 4% to 6% investment return is needed to reach financial independence. We’ll help you diversify and manage your portfolio so you can achieve similar returns, if not higher than the average. Our strategies will also safeguard you from financial crises and other risks.

Portfolio Analysis

Unforeseen expenses can take a huge chunk out of your retirement funds. To avoid any hidden fees, we offer portfolio analysis services. We’ll find expense ratios, loads, and other unseen costs to help you select the most ideal plan. Being licensed fiduciary advisors, we have the skills to ensure transparency and fairness in every transaction you plan to make.

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