Our Process

How Our Systematic
Financial Planning Works

At The Valhalla Group, we use a simple yet organized process when advising clients. These appointments are divided into certain phases to address issues and create solutions as needed.

First Appointment

Our first meeting is a complimentary appointment where you’ll discover new information and resources regarding financial planning. During this session, we’ll pair you with an advisor you can trust and be comfortable with. They will offer their knowledge and act according to your best interests, helping you gain a fundamental understanding of what it takes to plan for your wealth.

Second Appointment

During the second session, you and your advisor will get into the more specific details of your investments and the potential risks you might not be seeing yet. We’ll provide an analysis report that’ll give you a deeper understanding of your finances so you can make adjustments as necessary. We’ll also provide an array of strategic solutions in and out of the market to help you avoid pitfalls and maximize returns.

Talk to Our Team

To schedule a consultation with our advisors, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.